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Fringe Benefits Tax 2019

Do you think that just because you are driving a ute that it is 100% tax deductible and FBT exempt? There is updated guidance from the ATO that spells out how to determine if your private use excludes you from qualifying for the FBT commercial vehicle exemption. Read on to find out more!

Fringe Benefits Tax 2018

Are you claiming 100% of your ute for your business? Just because a ute may classify as a commercial vehicle this doesn’t mean that it is FBT exempt. There is new guidance from the ATO that spells out how to determine if private use has been minor, infrequent and irregular. Read on to find out more!

Small Business Restructuring

Have you setup your business as a sole trader because it was the cheapest option available at the time? Has your business grown and you are now wishing that you setup as a company or trust? If you would like to know more about restructuring read on!


Is your business still using manual paper timesheets to track employee time? Are your staff getting frustrated with time consuming and inaccurate rostering systems?
If your answer is yes, READ ON. At Number Wise Accounting, we can provide a solution that will blow your mind!

If you would like to work with a friendly accountant who:

Is tech savvy

Looks for opportunities to save time and money

Keeps up to date with the latest developments

Is proactive with advice

Looks out for your interests

Keeps things simple and easy to understand

Please give me a call on 0405 121 311 or drop me an email at


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